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  • Fruit – Classification of fruits

    What is a Fruit? Fruits are the reproductive organs produced by flowering plants that contain seeds. So a fruit is basically an enlarged ovary that develops after the flower has been pollinated. The seeds develop and the extraneous parts of the flower drop off, leaving the immature fruit which gradually ripens. Then we eat it. […]


    Select the lecture topic… Lec 01 – Scope And Importance… Lec 02 – Fruit Production… Lec 03 – Classification Of Fruits… Lec 04 – Mango – Soil, Climate,… Lec 05 – Mango- Major Problems,… Lec 06 – Banana – Soil, Climate, … Lec 07 – Banana – Major Production… Lec 08 – Citrus – Classification, … Lec 09 – Citrus – Nutrient Deficiencies,… Lec […]

  • Major Diseases of Guava

    Diseases Of Guava 1.Wilt – Fusarium oxysporum Economic importance: It was first reported in 1935 from Allahabad. Area under guava cultivation in A.P was reduced to half due to the disease. Symptoms:  The disease can be catagorized into slow wilt and sudden wilt. In slow wilt, plant takes several months or even a year, […]