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  • MAIZE and it’s Classification

    🌽🌽🌽MAIZE 🌽 🌽🌽 Maize (Zea mays L.) is a member of the grass family, Poaceae (Gramineae). In the USA, we call it ‘corn‘. It is an annual species that is cross-pollinated by wind. It is unique among the cereal crops because it is monoecious (it bears separate male and female inflorescences on the same plant). The main stem terminates […]

  • List of HIGH, MEDIUM, LOW Salt Tolerant Crops

    HIGHLY SALT TOLERANT CROPS Field Crops: Barley Cotton Mustard Sugar beets Fruits: Date palm Coconut Vegetables: Spinach Kale MEDIUM SALT TOLERANT CROPS Field Crops: Rice Wheat Sorghum Maize Rye Oats Sunflower  Fruits: Pomegranate  Fig Grapes Olive Vegetables : Tomatoes  Onion Broccoli  Cabbage Cauliflower  Lettuce  Sweet corn Potato Pea Cucumber  Squash LOW SALT TOLERANT CROPS Field […]

  • List of C3, C4 and CAM Plants

    C3 PLANTS Rice Wheat Barley Rye Oat Soybean Pea Cotton  Potato Sugarbeet Tobacco Bind weed(Convolvulus arvensis)  Wild oat Water hyacinth  Lambs quarter C4 PLANTS Maize Sorghum(camel crop)  Sugarcane and Millets as well as Switch grass Nutsedge(Cyperus rotandus)  Crabgrass Amaranthus Goose grass Bermuda grass(Cynodon dactylon) CAM PLANTS Pineapple  Cactus Euphorbia Spanish moss Some Orchids Family of […]


      Women and Child Welfare Schemes in India Women constitute 48% of the total population of the country. They suffer many disadvantages as compared to men in literary rates, labour participation rates and earnings. The development of women has been receiving attention of the Government of India from the First Plan. But it was treated […]

  • Production technology of Spices,Medicinal,Aromatic and Plantation Crops

    Spice,Medicinal,Aromatic,Plantation crops The types, forms, origin, amount and price of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants or their parts offered in the markets of Dire and Harar are listed respectively. In Dire, among 178 licensed merchants involved in the transaction of agricultural products, 14 persons, representing 7.8% were found to be exclusively engaged in spices/ aromatic […]


    COTTON – WHITE GOLD Cotton plays a key role in the national economy in terms of direct and indirect employment and income generation in the agricultural and industrial sectors. Textiles and related exports of which cotton constitutes nearly 65%, account for nearly 33% of the total foreign exchange earnings of our country which at present […]

  • World Environment Day

    ..🌲🌲W0®\d Eñ√Ï®0ñM€ñT D@¥.🌳🌳. (June 5th) Beat plastic pollution If u caunt re use it,refuse it. World Environment Day 2018: In order to raise awareness about protecting the environment, every year June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day as has been designated by the United Nations (UN). Catch all the buzz around the globe here. […]

  • Herbicides – Common name,Trade name

    Herbicides, also commonly known as weed killers, are chemical substances used to control unwanted plants. Selective herbicides control specific weed species, while leaving crop relatively unharmed, while.. non-selective herbicides(sometimes called total weed killers in commercial products) can be used to clear waste ground, industrial and construction sites, railways and railway embankments as they kill all plant material with which […]

  • Principles of seed technology..

    [google-drive-embed url=”https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pRvZ82ybb9uicw_5K4_Fuamf3VHp3SJJ/preview?usp=drivesdk” title=”Principles of seed tech.PBG-4321.pdf” icon=”https://drive-thirdparty.googleusercontent.com/16/type/application/pdf” width=”100%” height=”400″ style=”embed”]

  • Major Diseases of Guava

    Diseases Of Guava 1.Wilt – Fusarium oxysporum Economic importance: It was first reported in 1935 from Allahabad. Area under guava cultivation in A.P was reduced to half due to the disease. Symptoms:  The disease can be catagorized into slow wilt and sudden wilt. In slow wilt, plant takes several months or even a year, […]