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Science PDF Book Chapter Wise:  Introduction to Soil Science

1. Pedological and Edaphological concepts:Download Chapter

2. Origin of the earth – Earth’s crust – Composition: Download Chapter

3. Rocks and minerals:  Download Chapter

4. Weathering – Soil formation factors and processes – Components of soils: Download Chapter

5. Soil formation factors and processes Download Chapter

6. Soil profile: Download Chapter

7. Soil physical properties: Download Chapter

8. Soil Structure -Classification: Download Chapter

9. Soil aggregates: Download Chapter 

10. Soil compaction, Soil Colour, Soil water:Download Chapter

11. Soil Water Retention: Download Chapter

12 Movement of soil water- Infiltration, percolation, permeability – Drainage:      Download Chapter

13. Thermal properties of soils: Download Chapter

14. Soil Colloids: Download Chapter

15. Layer silicate clays – Genesis and classification: Download Chapter

16. Adsorption of ions–Ion exchange : Download Chapter

17. Soil organic matter:  Download Chapter

18. Humus – Fractionation of organic matter :Download Chapter

19. Carbon Cycle: Download Chapter agriculture course pdf

1. Introduction to Soil Science. (SCHEM-4111)
2. Soil Chemistry, Soil fertility, and Nutrient Management.            (SCHEM-4121)
3. Manures and Fertilizers.(SCHEM-4211) 
4. Soil Survey, Land use planning and Remote sensing. (SCHEM-4221)
Notes for Soil science Jrf & Srf aspirants
Hey buddies ,
This post deals on notes for aspirants of  Soil science for JRF and SRF. Two pdfs on conservation and management of soil resources and Soil fertility and nutrient management have been included in this post.
These pdfs have been prepared by eminent soil scientists and agronomists of the country . Hope you guys make good use of the information hosted over here.
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