Seed Minikit Programme launched

Union Agriculture Minister, Narendra Singh Tomar, launched a seed Minikit programme by distributing high-yielding varieties seeds of oilseeds and pulses to farmers.

About Seed Minikit Programme

This programme was launched as a major tool to introduce new varieties of seeds in fields.

It will also help in increasing the seed replacement rate.

Under the programme, Mini-kits are being provided by NAFED, National Seeds Corporation (NCS), and Gujarat State Seeds Corporation.

It is completely funded by government through National Food Security Mission.

Distribution of seed minikits

Under the mission distribution of seeds will continue till June 15, 2021. Thus, farmers will get seeds before commencement of Kharif sowing season.

About 20,27,318 seed minikits of pulses, 74000 minikits of groundnut and 8 lakh for soybean will be provided free of cost to the farmers directly under National Food Security Mission.

Focus of the programme

This mission was launched to increase production of oilseeds and pulses.

Production of Oilseeds and pulses

Government has renewed its focus on production of oilseeds and pulses since 2014-15. As a result, production of oilseeds increased from 27.51 million tonnes in 2014-15 to 36.57 million tonnes in 2020-21. Similarly, production of pulses increased from 17.15 million tonnes to 25.56 million tonnes in same period.