Production technology of Spices,Medicinal,Aromatic and Plantation Crops

Spice,Medicinal,Aromatic,Plantation crops

The types, forms, origin, amount and price of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants or their parts offered in the markets of Dire and Harar are listed respectively. In Dire, among 178 licensed merchants involved in the transaction of agricultural products, 14 persons, representing 7.8% were found to be exclusively engaged in spices/ aromatic and medicinals trade, while another 20, representing 8.9%, were evolved in spices/aromatics, food crops, and also ceramics trade. Among these full-time spices merchants, 32 representing 94% were women. 50 different species of spices/aromatics and medicinals were marketed in Dire Dawa-Hara as compared with 24 in and 14 in markets. There has been a considerable price variation in the markets observed. 14% of the spices and aromatics found in the two eastern markets were found to be exotic- they were either imported or smuggled from Asia or East African countries.

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