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Plant Science

Plant Breeding – Def, Aim, Objectives

Plant Breeding Definition: Plant breeding is a science based on principles of genetics and cytogenetic. It aims at improving the genetic makeup of the crop plants. Improved varieties are developed


Horticulture (B. Sc.)

Horticulture is the branch of agriculture that deals with the art, science, technology, and business of growing plants. It includes the cultivation of medicinal plants, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, herbs, sprouts,

Agri Courses

Comprehension and developing communication skills in English

Select the lecture topic… Lec 01 – Comprehension – Textual… Lec 02 – Comprehension: Reading … Lec 03 – Synonyms… Lec 04 – Verbal Ability … Lec 05 – Comprehension… Lec 06 – Comprehension… Lec 07