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सब्जियों की खेती

आलू, फूलगोभी एवं पत्तागोभी आलू फूलगोभी एवं पत्ता गोभी उन्नत प्रभेद अगात (80-90 दिन): कुफरी पुखराज, कुफरी अशोका मध्यम (100-110 दिन): कुफरी कंचन, कुफरी आनंद पिछात (120 दिन या अधिक):

Agri Courses

Dairy Technology (B.Tech.)

Dairy technology is a division of engineering that deals with the processing of milk and its products. Dairy technology study involves processing, storage, packaging, distribution and transportation of dairyproducts by implying the science of

Agri Courses

Veterinary and AH

Veterinary and AH is the branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. Vetnerinary & AH UG Courses 1 Abattoir Practices and Animal