plant science notes

  1. Principle of Genetics. (PBG-4111)➡Download
  2. Principle of Plant Breeding. (PBG-4121)➡Download
  3. Breeding of Field and Horticultural crops. (PBG-4311)➡Download
  4. Principle of Seed Technology. (PBG-4321)➡Download

Others important matters

    1. FLORAL BIOLOGY of Crop Plants A.K. Chhabra  A Practical Manual➡Download
    1. GENETICS AND PLANT BREEDING Breeding of Field Crops (Cereals)➡Download
    1. Principal biology of crop plant practical manual➡Download
  1. Agro crops breeding➡Download
  2. Breeding of Field and Horticultural CropsDownload
  3. Plant science B.D singh Download

Crops, Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers’ Rights Authority (PPV & FRA) Government of India

  1. PigeonpeaDownload
  2. Pearl MilletDownload
  3. Mung beanDownload
  4. MaizeDownload
  5. LentilDownload
  6. Field peaDownload
  7. Chick peaDownload
  8. Tetroplold➡Download

Flowers biology photos pdf➡download