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Plant Science

1. Principle of Genetics. (PBG-4111)
2. Principle of Plant Breeding. (PBG-4121)
3. Breeding of Field and Horticultural crops. (PBG-4311)
4. Principle of Seed Technology. (PBG-4321)

Plant Pathology
1. Agricultural Microbiology. (PPATH-4111)
2. Plant Pathogens and Principle of Plant Pathology. (PPATH-4121)
3. Disease of Field crops and Their Management. (PPATH-4311)
4. Disease of Horticultural crops and Their Management. (PPATH-4321)

1. Insect Morphology and Systematic. (ENTO-4121)
2. Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management. (ENTO-4221)
3. Crop and Stored grain pest and Their Management. (ENTO-4311)
4. Introductory Nematology. (NEMAT-4211)

1. Fundamentals of Soil and Water conservation engineering.  (AEngg.-4121)
2. Farm Power and Machinery. (AEngg.-4211)
3. Protected cultivation and Post harvest technology. (AEngg.-4311)

1. Principle of Plant Biotechnology. (BT-4311)

1. Statistic (STAT-4211)

Plant Physiology 
1. Crop Physiology (PPHYS-4221)

Livestock Production and Management
1. LPM-4321

Environmental Science 
1. ENVS-4321

1. BIOCH-4121

Computer Science
1. Introduction to Computer application.(COMP-4111)

1. Production Technology of Fruits and Plantation crops(HORT-4211)
2. Production Technology of Vegetables and Flowers (HORT-4221)
3. Production Technology of Spices, Aromatic and Medicinal Crops.        (HORT-4311)
4. Post Harvest Management and Value addition of fruits and Vegetables.    (HORT-4321)

1. Principle of Agricultural Economics. (AECON-4121)
2. Production Economics and Farm Management. (AECON-4211)
3. Agricultural Finance and Co-operation. (AECON-4221)
4. Agricultural Marketing, Trade, and Prices. (AECON-4311)
5. Fundamentals of Agri-Business Management. (AECON-4321) 

1. Dimension of Agricultural Extension. (EXTED-4311)
2. Fundamentals of Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology.      (EXTED-4211)
3. Entrepreneurship Development and Communication Skill. (EXTED-    4221)
4. Extension Methodologies for Transfer Agricultural Technology.      (EXTED-4321)

Soil Science
1. Introduction to Soil Science. (SCHEM-4111)
2. Soil Chemistry, Soil fertility, and Nutrient Management.            (SCHEM-4121)
3. Manures and Fertilizers.(SCHEM-4211)
4. Soil Survey, Land use planning, and Remote sensing. (SCHEM-4221)

1. Introductory Agricultural and Principle of Agronomy. (AGRON-4111)
2. Agricultural Meteorology. (AGRON-4121)
3. Field Crops-I. (AGRON-4211)
4. Weed Management. (AGRON-4212)
5. Field Crops –II. (AGRON-4221)
6. Water Management. (AGRON-4222)
7. Rainfed  Farming. (AGRON-4312)
8. Farming system, Sustainable agricultural and Organic Farming.    (AGRON-4322)

1. English for Science and Technology. (Eng.-4111)

4. Soil Survey, Land use planning, and Remote sensing. (SCHEME-4221)
7. Rainfed  Farming. (AGRON-4312)
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