Economic importance and classification of horticultural crops and their culture and nutritive value, area and production, exports and imports, fruit and vegetable zones of India and of different states, nursery management practices, soil and climate, vegetable gardens, nutrition and kitchen garden and other types of gardens – principles, planning and layout, management of orchards, planting systems and planting densities. Production and practices for fruit, vegetable and floriculture crops, nursery techniques and their management. Principles and methods of pruning and training of fruit crops, types and use of growth regulators in horticulture, water management, weed management, fertility management in horticultural crops, cropping systems, intercropping, multi-tier cropping, mulching, bearing habits, factors influencing the fruitfulness and unfruitfulness. Rejuvenation of old orchards, top working, frames working, principles of organic farming.

Features of orchard, planning and layout of orchard, tools and implements, layout of nutrition garden, preparation of nursery beds for sowing of vegetable seeds, digging of pits for fruit plants, planting systems, training and pruning of orchard trees, preparation of fertilizer mixtures and field application, preparation and application of growth regulators, layout of different irrigation systems, identification and management of nutritional disorder in fruits and vegetables, assessment of bearing habits, maturity standards, harvesting, grading, packaging and storage.

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