Reson for scope of Horticulture

In brief it can be stated that horticulture has great scope for the following reasons

  • To exploit great variability of agro climatic conditions.
  • To meet the need for fruits, vegetables, flowers, spices, beverages in relation to population growth based on minimum nutritional and other needs.
  • To meet the requirement of processing industry.
  • To substitute import and increase export.
  • To improve the economic conditions of the farmers and to engage more labourers to avert the problem of unemployment.
  • To protect environment.

Other importance

  • Horticultural trees work in near semblance to forest trees in maintaining ecosphere
  • They helps in transforming micro climate
  • Provides shelter to birds, reptiles and other micro organisms and add to the geo-ecological diversity on the land
  • Provides impetus to the writers, poets, thinkers and analysts and thus keeps their cultural impulse alive
  • Adds to the survival of life-spheres of living entity
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