Essential minerals for humans


Causes Rickets, Osteomalacia.

Sitaphal, Ramphal, Fig, Phalsa, Citrus, Sapota, Grapes, West Indian Cherry etc. Curry leaves, Amarantus, Radish leaves, Fenugreek leaves ete


Essential for cell multiplication of bones and soft tissues. Helps in liberation of energy on oxidation of carbohydrates.

Wood apple, Avocado, Dates, Pomegranate and Grape raisins.


Important for body growth, formation and maintenance of body tissuess

West Indian cherry, Avocado, Custrad Apple, BananaApricot, Guava, Grapes etc., Peas, cowpea,Bean etc..


Act as oxygen carrier in the body.

Karonda, Date palm, Grape raisins, West Indian Cherry, Guava, Sitaphal, Avocado, Sapota, plum etc.
Amarantus tender, Coriander leaves etc.

    • Fruits are also a good source of energy eg. Avocado, Olive etc.,
    • Fruits are also a good source of enzymes which are helpful in metabolic activities leading to proper digestion of food. Eg., Jamun and Papaya.
    • All fruits have one or the other medicinal value.
    • They should be eaten in adequate quantity.
    • Regular consumption of fruits reduces obesity, maintain health and increase the longevity of life.
    • Fruits are attractive in appearance, delicious in taste and easily digestible.
    • Therefore, they are liked by young and old alike
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