Indian Agriculture Questions– Set 2

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  1. GCF fullform is 
    1.General Capital Formation
    2.Gross Commerce Fecility
    3.General Capital Formation
    4.Gross Compound Fraction
    5.None of these

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 3.General Capital

    Explanation :
    Gross Capital Formation is Investment. When people save, they tend to invest. The percentage of the investment made each year out of the total GDP is called Gross Capital Formation.
  2. The share of agriculture in total GDP in 1950-51 was approximately

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 2.55%
    Explanation :
    The share of agriculture in total GDP in 1950-51 was around 55% which has come down to 12.3% in 2010-11
  3. India’s economy and GDP is classified as three sectors. It includes
    1.Agriculture, Services and Industry
    2.Business, Agriculture and Fishery
    3.Agriculture, Industry and Medical
    4.Industry, Export and Agriculture
    5.Agriculture, Medical and Science & Technology

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.Agriculture, Services and Industry
    Explanation :
    Historically, India has classified and tracked its economy and GDP as three sectors — agriculture, industry and services. Agriculture includes crops, horticulture, milk and animal husbandry, aquaculture, fishing, sericulture, aviculture, forestry and related activities.
  4. Which of the following is not related with Agriculture ?
    1.Digital Green
    4.Deccan Development Society

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 5.ICSE
    Explanation :
    Deccan Development Society is an Indian agri-based NGO in Medak district in the state of Telangana, India.
    Digital Green is an independent non-governmental organization that focuses on training farmers to make and show short videos
  5. Agricultural export contributes how much % of India’s total export ?

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.10%
    Explanation :
    Agricultural export constitutes 10 per cent of the country’s exports and is the fourth-largest exported principal commodity
  6. The procurement target for the 201516 marketing season is
    1.35 million tonnes
    2.10 million tonnes
    3.25 million tones
    4.30 million tonnes
    5.None of these

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.30 million tonnes
    Explanation :
    The procurement target for the 2015-16 marketing season has been finalised 30 million tonnes. . India is estimated to have produced over 102 million tonnes of rice in 2014-15 crop year (July-June).
  7. In APEDA, E denotes
    5.None of these

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.Export
    Explanation :
    Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA)-Under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India.
  8. The share of Agriculture in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was ……………in 2014-15.
    5.None of these

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.17%
    Explanation :
    Indian agriculture sector accounts for 17 per cent of India’s gross domestic product (GDP) and engages almost 50 per cent of the country’s workforce.
  9.  How much amount allocated to agriculture and farmers welfare in 2016-17 budget ?
    1.Rs.35,984 Cr
    2.Rs.39,584 Cr
    4.Rs.35,894 Cr
    5.Rs.35,984 Cr

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 1.Rs.35,984 Cr
    Explanation :
    In 2016-17 budget allocation on agriculture and farmers welfare is Rs 35,984 crore. The agriculture sector saw a 94% increase in allocation.
  10. Who is the father of White Revolution in India ?
    1.Molly Kurien
    2.Nitya S Ghotge
    3.M.S. Swaminathan
    4.Verghese Kurien
    5.All of these

    Answer & Explanation
    Answer – 4.Verghese Kurien
    Explanation :
    Verghese Kurien, the father of White Revolution in India and the founder of Amul
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