Handbook of Horticulture

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The meaning of Horticulture as given by Noah Webster is the cultivation of a garden, or the art of cultivating gardens. But modern advancement has given the word a much broader signification. It now includes such important divisions as pomology, or fruit-growing, ornamental and shade trees and shrubs, flower and their culture, modes and methods of propagation, landscape gardening, spraying for insects and fungi, garden and orchard irrigation, systematic pomology, or plant description and classification, and still other divisions and subdivisions in varied alimes and on different soils. Strong people in the opportunity which gardening affords them measuring their strength against those forces of nature which are most hostile to the science of horticulture. It is wonderful how much recreation, in its literal sense, is brought about by all this; the worries and anxieties of the great busy world are forgotten in the new interests of our little world of nature. This book provides comprehensive information on growing different plants. Care has been taken to give brief description of the most important plants to facilitate their identification, use, propagation, pruning and other cultural practices in a lucid manner. The book is useful not only to the students of horticulture but also to general reader. About the Author Dr. U. S. Bose is Assistant Professor of Horticulture at College of Agriculture, Rewa, Jawaharlal Nehru Agriculture University, Jabalpur. He has edited volumes in Agriculture Sciences and presented several papers at national/international seminars and conferences. Table of Contents Medicinal Plants Types of Aromatic Plants Herbal Sources of Tibetan Medicines Some Common Bulbous Plants Weed Management of Horticulture Crops Cultivation of Species


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