Fisheries Science

Fisheries Science is a multidisciplinary science, which draws on the disciplines of limnology, oceanography, freshwater biology, marine biology, conservation, ecology, population dynamics, economics and management to attempt to provide an integrated picture of fisheries.

Fisheries Science UG Courses
1 Anatomy of finfish and shellfish
2 Aquaculture Engineering
3 Aquatic Ecology and Biodiversity
4 Aquatic pollution and coastal zone management
5 Biochemical techniques and Instrumentation
6 Biology of Finfish and Shellfish
7 Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
8 Canning and fish packaging technology
9 Coastal aquaculture and mariculture
10 Communication skills
11 Culture of fish organisms
12 Elementry Statistics
13 Entrepreneurship Development & Com. skills
14 Financing and marketing management
15 Finfish breeding and hatchery management
16 Fish Diseases and Management
17 Fish immunology
18 Fish microbiology and quality assurance
19 Fish nutrition and feed technology
20 Fish PopulationDynamics and Stock Assessment
21 Fisheries administration and legislation
22 Fisheries Economics
23 Fisheries Extension Education
24 Fishing and gear technology
25 Fishing craft technology
26 Food Chemistry and Fish in Nutrition
27 Freezing Technology
28 Freshwater aquaculture
29 Fundamentals of Micro biology
30 Genetics and Breeding
31 Information and Communication Technology
32 Inland Fisheries
33 Limnology
34 Marine Biology
35 Marine fisheries
36 Meteorology and geography
37 Oceanography
38 Ornamental Fish Production and Management
39 Physical education
40 Physiology of Finish and Shellfish
41 Principles of Aquaculture
42 Principles of Biochemistry
43 Refrigeration and equipment engineering
44 Rural Sociology
45 Shellfish Breeding and Hatchery Management
46 Soil and water chemistry
47 Statistical methods
48 Taxonomy of Finfish
49 Taxonomy of shellfish