1.Insect Morphology and Systematic.(ENTO-4121)

2. Insect Ecology and Integrated Pest Management. (ENTO-4221)

3. Crop and Stored grain pest and Their Management. (ENTO-4311)

4. Introductory Nematology. (NEMAT-4211)




notes on Pests of plants for entomology JRF and SRF crop protection


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This pdf covers all insect pests of various crops ranging from cereals , oilseeds to vegetable crops, millets , fruits and many more.This pdf has been authored by a popular entomologist , Hope everyone makes good use of this.Many biological methods of pest control have been also included in the pdf . This pdf will be useful for students preparing for entomology JRF as well as for crop protection SRF.



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