Control of Aphids on Cucumber Cultivation

▬ Clean cultivation is imperative to control these pets.
▬ Affected parts of the plant should be removed from the field.
▬ The balanced fertilizer should be used in the cultivation time.
▬ Crop rotation should be followed.
▬ Planting should be maintained by the same distance from the bed to bed.
▬ It can be controlled by applying the mixer of ash and kerosene oil on the leaf of cucumber.
▬ Use detergent 3 gm/liter water with Neem/ Bisakathamli/ Dhutara/ Custard Apple/ Papaya/ Vitex negundo/ Joba/ Meri Gold leaf mixer 1 kg/10-liter water and spree it on the field.
▬ You can spree pesticide of Imidacloprid 20 SL group ( Imitaf/ Admayar/ Tido/ Bumper/ Gain/ Premier/ Automida) 0.5 ml/liter water.
▬ Spree Acifet 75 SP ( Asataf/ Tidfet/ Fortunate) 1.5 gm/ liter water.
This is all about the cucumber diseases & pests management of Aphids. The production of cucumber can be reduced 50% by affecting of Aphids. So it should be controlled immediately on the cucumber cultivation field.